Exceptional Children Accommodation & IEP Data Tracking

Organize staff, students, goals
and accommodations
Collect IEP Goal progress and
Accommodation data
Report progress and
accommodation usage

Navigate your ocean of IEP data with ease.

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IEP Goal Progress
Monitoring & Reporting
Accommodation Tracking & Reporting
Access from anywhere
Native Mobile App
Data privacy with
end-to-end data encryption
Role-based Access
Centralized Reporting
Cost Effective
$1 / student / month
Expand student
circle of support
Expand SPED teacher
circle of support


  • less paperwork means more instruction time
  • consistent progress measurement
  • consistent accommodation delivery
  • data driven conversations and decisions
  • expanded circle of support

  • low cost
  • reduced paperwork
  • more time for teaching
  • encourages writing measurable goals
  • consistent measurement
  • data fidelity
  • data driven decisions
  • accommodation tracking
  • reports & graphs at the click of a button
  • team data collection
  • informative reports to drive parent conversations
  • expanded circle of teacher support

  • low cost
  • reduced paperwork
  • more time for teaching
  • consistency
  • fidelity
  • compliance
  • teacher retention
  • accountability
  • visibility & oversight
  • role-based access to protect privacy

  • Testimonials

    “The reports in EC-AID are wonderful. This tool easily saved me 12-15 hours of work when I was preparing quarterly progress reports.”
    - Brandi, Case Manager


    “EC-AID’s accommodation tracking with signature verification saved me in a parent conference when I could prove that the student had been rejecting their accommodations.”
    - Sarah, HS Math Teacher


    “Simple and so comprehensive! I highly recommend this data collection system!"
    - Janice, EC Director

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    To provide a secure and low cost solution to special needs educators for collecting, managing and reporting data by harnessing and leveraging today’s readily available cloud, encryption and mobile technologies.

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